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We know job candidates, you know your business- let’s partner to meet the needs of both!

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We represent individuals by translating personal experiences, interests and skills into career opportunities.

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At Edge Employment, we work with employers to engage in an innovative hiring approach that matches the contributions of job candidates with disabilities to the operational needs of a business. We foster partnerships through:


We invest time with job candidates to identify their most valuable skills and personal interests to facilitate meaningful career paths.


The best employment matches are those that happen naturally. Edge Employment seeks to cultivate lasting relationships with employers through one-on-one conversations, tours, informational interviews, and other networking opportunities.


When an employee represented by us is hired, they and their employer have the option to receive ongoing consultation from an Edge Employment Specialist as needed, at no cost to either party.

Finding Mutually Beneficial Solutions

As Employment Specialists, we assist in addressing operational needs with creative customized solutions that add value to your business and the community.

Employment For All

Everyone has the right to employment and the ability to make a valuable contribution to the workplace.

Edge Employment wants to partner with you!

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